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Travel Guide To Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the Land of Kings Literally speaking, Rajasthan is the land that was ruled by many kings at all the times, hence, the name Land of Kings came into existence. The largest of all the states in India, Rajasthan is the main tourist attraction since the beginning of the time. The royal infrastructure followed by amazing natural beauty clearly defines why the state is so popular among tourists. The exquisite traditional values and trends make it even more magnetic and exclusively attractive. With hundreds of places to visit, and I mean it hundreds! Of places to visit, makes it even a great holiday destination for the travellers. Once, you decide to visit Rajasthan be ready to be stunned completely with the beauty of History framing the whole infrastructure of the state.  
Stunning Rajasthan

                   Stunning Rajasthan

Tourist Attractions:

As said before, Rajasthan is an extraordinary place to visit and spend your time. Along with fascinating historical monuments one can easily refresh his mind visiting the wildlife sanctuaries, lakes etc. and if, you are willing to enjoy the religious traditions of the Country there are many temples that are not only reflecting the religious beliefs but also presenting the marvellous architecture they are built in. The forts like Aamer Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Mehrangarh Fort along with many more are the keen magnetic places in Rajasthan for the history lovers. Once, you are done with all these Forts, the journey is still not over, get ready to experience the wildlife at its best visiting Ranthambhor national park, Kala Titter National park and many more listed ahead. On this note why to leave the refreshing lakes behind? Once, you are in Rajasthan you may experience the cool breeze while sitting on the lake sides. So, once you are in Rajasthan get ready to experience the refreshing blend of Flora and Fauna.

Rajasthani Folk, Music, Dance and Plays The royal state has a rich culture along with the many magnetic places. The folk music of Rajasthan is one of the famous cultural values that is not only appreciated within India but is also recognized throughout the world. The use of the Dholak, Sarangi, Sitar and even stones makes the music even more calming and pleasant. Not only music but in the field of the Dance, the state has made its own place in the world the folk dances like KaalBelya, Ghoomer and Rajput Sward dance has created its place in the world’s history of Dance. Once, you visit Rajasthan you will find many tribes who are still performing professionally in the field of dance and music. If you are a play lover then you are at the Wright place because along with Music and Dance the plays depicting great tales either of history or love story are regularly played in state. Artefacts: Rajasthan is not only the historical place but along with that when it comes to the art and craft, the state has placed itself on the top in India. The extraordinary talents of Shilpakari, embroidery and handicrafts are seeded from the land of Rajasthan. Along with that, the concept of Block printing in textile industry was founded in this very state. Don’t just be amazed yet! Because one of the loving and familiar artefacts of Kathputli shows (puppet shows) took birth from this very land.
  Are You a Food Lover? Is the answer of this question yes? If yeah, get ready to taste the mesmerizingly exquisite traditional cuisines that will make your taste buds dance. Once, you get to taste the traditional cuisines of Rajasthan like Daal batti Churma, Mirchi Bada, Gatte ki sabzi you will definitely fall in love with the taste of Rajasthan. If you got a sweet tooth the dishes like RajBhog, badaam halwa, Moong Daal halwa etc will blow your mind out. So, food lovers beware you might not want to leave the place once, you taste its cuisines. Beauty in Night Light: The view of all the historical monuments in Rajasthan is mesmerizing during night. During the night time, the best place you can visit is Chauki Dhani, the place where the whole tradition of the state is summed up, be it camel ride, horse ride or the tradition cuisines along with the enjoyment of the folk music and dance, you can find everything there. and if you are a light loving person you got to visit the forts at night to see the exquisite view of them, and trust me those  most Romantic views one can experience.