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Travel guide to Delhi


“The state built on scroll of history... passion of people and compassion of the art is the perfect way to picture Delhi.” The city called “Dil wallon ka shehar” wins quite a number of hearts every year and attracts loads of tourist. The perfect blend of history museums, nature and urbanization is what makes this city a perfect tourist attraction. The exquisite places to eat make it even more attractive for the foodies.  
  1. The symbol of country’s Rich past.
  2. The symbol of country’s development.
  3. The symbol of culture of India.
  4. The symbol defined India, Delhi.

Tourist Attractions:

  Delhi is the city that entertains the person of every interest be it the history lover, nature lover, night owl or the person loving to see the development of India. Places to visit once you are at India’s capital, Delhi.  india gate

India Gate:

  Established as the memorial symbol for the soldiers those were killed during the war of 1919 is the 42m high. India Gate an Arch-De-Triomphe in the middle of the gross road, the foundation of India Gate began during the rule of royal highness, the duke Cannaught and was designed by viceroy, Lord Irwin. If you are in Delhi you should visit the India Gate probably during night time when the lights blossom on it while lovely display of coloured fountains in hence is beauty.


  Delhi, metropolitan capital of country with the dominating population is a perfect mixture of several communities like Punjabis, Haryanvi and the gentle Rajasthani. While the development of the city as metropolitan constitutes the newer parts of Delhi the older areas of Delhi are still as conservatives as before. With the mixture of several communities culture of Delhi is not specified defined where in the Delhiarian celebrates all the Hindu customs and festivals like diwali, Durga puja, they also enjoy the warmth of the Idul-fitar and rojas along with that festivals like ganesh chaturthi the maharshtrian festival.  


  Delhi is the platter of history that was ruled by many communities. The establishment of Delhi is built up on the rains of 7 cities and the city was moulded by the rulers of Rajput and mughal communities. The history of the establishment of the city goes back to 735AD during the rule of tomar Rajput rulers and further was expanded and consolidated by the chauhans in 1180. In 1290 Ala-Ud-Din khilji, one of the most remarkable Sultans ruled the land of Delhi and established the second city of siri in 1303. That is known as hauz khas while the establishment of third city tughla-qa-bad come into existence during the rule of tughlaq dynasty. Finally after so much of history in 1911 with the carination of king George 5, Delhi was declared as the capital of the country and the work began soon after that with architect Edwin lutyens to build up the city.  


Delhi is the city that will make all the foodies fall in love with itself. With the royal taste of many mughlai dishes, southIndian dishes, authentic Chinese taste, tai dishes and with the variety of continental dishes makes it the city for foodies. With availability of the quick meals and street food stalls makes it much more spicy city.

Best place for the foodies:

Delhi, the state is not only depicting the culture and history of country but is also the place that shows the love of food in our blood. The place like chandani chownk is the heaven for the foodies. The blend of all the masalas and taste makes everyone fall in love with place. Are you a foodie? The purani Delhi is the place for you to please your taste buds.