The lifestyle of a place can be recognized from its art and dancing types. Dances are regarded as the important parts of lifestyle of any area. Kerala which is situated in southeast Indian native and is famously known as ‘God’s Own Country’ has several dancing types.

Among the many individuals dances, some are native and have obtained identification only within the condition whereas, some have become popular globally. Many of these dances are executed at the time of forehead celebrations and events.

These types of dances are exclusive in their way of presentation with wonderful expression, which are done by best artists. The artists are decorated with attractive outfits and decorations that add appeal to the dancing.

Kerala has around 50 types of dances. Among these Theyyam, Thiruvathirakali, Chakyar Koothu Koodiyattam, and Ottamthullal are some of the popular dances of Kerala. Kerala is therefore, well-known for its two traditional dancing type ‘Kathakali’ and ‘Mohiniyattam,’ which attract visitors from world-wide. India Holiday Trip here provides you with some important info about the exclusive traditional dancing types of Kerala.


Kathakali is a remarkable way of traditional dancing started more than Five hundreds of years ago in the the southern part of condition of Kerala. Kathakali is a perfect combination of dancing, dilemma, songs and spiritual theme. Kathakali is regarded as one of the world’s earliest types of cinema. In Malayalam (the local language of Kerala), Kathakali indicates Story-Play, “Katha-Story” and “Kali-Play”.

It will not be wrong to say that Kerala and Kathakali can be recognized by each other’s name. Kathakali has been recognized across the entire globe for its originality. This dancing type is generally done by men.


This traditional dancing type is usually conducted on the reasons of forehead. Kathakali contains brilliant outfits and detailed cosmetics. The costume is very common which contains a headwear, swirled dress and trash decorations. Being clothed typically, the artists perform the legendary figures from the Hindu epics like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. The artists through their stylish body motions illustrate a scene from legendary experiences. A common Kathakali Efficiency contains stylish motions of hands, feet and eyes. Items are also used in this dancing, wherever necessary. A standard drum, known as Chenda is performed to go along with by one or two artists. These artists explain the tale in their music. India Holiday Trip suggests you to spend an evening watching a Kathakali performance in Kerala.


A popular and sensitive traditional dancing way of Kerala known as Mohiniyattam contains stylish motions. This traditional dancing is done by single woman professional dancer, as the name itself says, Mohini indicates ‘a maiden’ and Yattam indicates ‘dance’. Mohiniyattam is a mix of Bharatanatyam and Kathakali, as it uses the elements of these dances. This dancing is very stylish as it has soothing and beautiful motions along with wonderful eye motions.


Mohiniyattam was arose in Sixteenth millennium CE. Mohiniyattam has been recognized as one among the eight Indian native traditional dances by the Sangeet Natak Akademi. It is believed that the Vaishnava enthusiasts named the dancing as “Mohiniattam”, which was earlier done by Devadasis. According to stars, Master Vishnu in cover of a Mohini fascinated individuals.

Mohiniyattam contains sensitive actions, traditional Carnatic oral songs, wonderful expression and clean outfits in white and gold. The professional dancer decorates her head by putting jasmine garland in a traditional way. Mohiniyattam is therefore, regarded as a marvelous dancing or the dancing of enchantress.

Other well-known dancing types of Kerala include: 

Thirvathirakali: It is a well known team dancing conducted during the collect event of Kerala, Onam. This dancing is done by women individuals, shifting in a round activity, rhythmically at the Thiruvathira songs’ track.Thirvathirakali Dance Kerala

Kolkali: It is done by a number of 24 artists from agricultural classes. This dancing type is extremely stroking. Wood made stays are used as props by the artists. They defeat these stays, while shifting in a round motion.Kolkalli dance Kerala

Ottamthullal: Koodiyattam is a well known traditional dancing way of Kerala. This dancing type was being conducted in the wats or temples for years and years. The musical show equipment involved in Koodiyattam are Kuzhitalam, Mizhavu, Sankhu and Kurumkuzhal.Koodiyattam-Dance-kerala.


Koodiyattam: Koodiyattam is a well known traditional dancing way of Kerala. This dancing type was being conducted in the wats or temples for years and years. The musical show equipment involved in Koodiyattam are Kuzhitalam, Mizhavu, Sankhu and Kurumkuzhal.Koodiyattam-Dance-kerala

Chakyar Koothu: It is a very enhanced ancient dancing way of Kerala. The professional dancer narrates moments from Hindu epics such as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. During celebrations and events, it is completed in the wats or temples.Chakyar Koothu

Theyyam: A well-known dancing way of the Malabar area of Kerala is known as Theyyam. Theyyam and its traditions have been in practice for years and years here. It is very well-known as the lower caste many individuals have access to it. It is a Dravidian talent and holy habit dancing to praise Goddess Kaali. The phrase ‘Theyyam’ is said to be the damaged way of ‘Daivam’, the Malayalam term, which implies God.


A visit to Kerala will help you discover and encounter these exclusive dancing types that indicate the lifestyle of the condition. Be with us on a social journey of Kerala to get an ultimate encounter and memorable remembrances to value.