Siliguri (About this sound articulation (help·info)) is a city spread crosswise over Darjeeling region and Jalpaiguri region in the Indian condition of West Bengal. The city is situated on the banks of the Mahananda River and the foothills of the Himalayas. Siliguri Metropolitan region or Greater Siliguri covers Siliguri Municipal Corporation area(33 wards in Darjeeling District and 14 wards in Japaiguri district),Fulbari(Industrial Growth Centre,Jalpaiguri region), Shivmandir(North Bengal University,Darjeeling district),Bagdogra(Civil and Defense Airport,Darjeeling district),Sukna(Siliguri Institute of Technology,Darjeeling region) and Sushrutnagar(North Bengal Medical College,Darjeeling District)The city of Siliguri started on the banks of the Mahananda River at Saktigarh, a residential area which is presently in the southern part of the city. At the point when the British East India Company acquainted railroads with Northeast India, it upgraded the significance of the locale.

How to Reach:

By Road

Siliguri is an imperative exchange focus and quite a bit of a passage to the colorful north east of India. A broad street system associates Siliguri to Kolkata, which is thusly connected to whatever is left of the nation. Siliguri is additionally associated with Indian state Gangtok and nations Nepal and Bhutan by street. The National Highway 31, 31A, 31D and 55 interfaces Siliguri with neighboring urban areas and states.

Place to visit:


Darjeeling is a standout amongst the most picturesque and massively prominent slope resorts in India. At 2,134 meters above mean ocean level, it is 686 km from Kolkata in West Bengal. In the midst of the background of the relentless snow-clad Himalayan tops, Darjeeling has been famous with visitors for its magnificence and charming atmosphere. You can get an unmistakable perspective of the world’s third most elevated top, Kanchenjunga, from the town on a sunny day. Maintain a strategic distance from the storms as Kanchenjunga is not noticeable. Mountain biking, open air outdoors, stream rafting, paddling and kayaking are different exercises that one can enjoy. In the case of nothing interests you, then simply hang up your boots and loosen up, absorbing the picturesque excellence of the slope town.

jaldapara natural life asylum

An assortment of different creatures and winged animals make their home inside its 100 sq km zone. Arrangements are forthcoming to combine the asylum with Buxa Tiger Reserve under the title of National Park to guarantee a superior preservation exertion. The most ideal approach to investigate Jaldapara is by taking the one-hour elephant safari. A greatest of four individuals are permitted on every elephant. The safari from the Tourist Lodge at Madarihat is liable to the accessibility of elephants. The recreation center powers don’t give vehicles to safaris, so you’ll need to lease one from the Madarihat Lodge or a vacationer office. A backwoods monitor must go with the jeep.

iskon sanctuary

Brimming with lovely symbols including those of Advaita Acharya, Lord Chaitanya, and Lord Narasimha, the sanctuary attracts aficionados swarms. A standout amongst the most popular attractions of town, Iskon Temple is an unquestionable requirement visit on your agenda in the event that you need to respect some structural splendor and have divine intercession too.

Sevoke kali mandir

sevoke kali mandir, Siliguri is a flawless destination for an extraordinary time with your dear ones. Appreciate the attractions of this well known vacationer spot. With such a great amount to draw your faculties and offer you diversion getting it done, get splashed in the soul of enterprise that you get the chance to investigate at sevoke kali mandir, Siliguri. Appreciate together every one of the purposes of famous interests and bring back a few essential minutes. sevoke kali mandir, Siliguri is the spot for touring, as well as empowers you to take a liberal minute for yourself too. Thus, look at the sevoke kali mandir vacationer spot for every one of the attractions that is on offer and visit this spot on weekends for a restoring time. World benchmarks, uncommon design, inventive formats, and well-thought execution make put a profoundly pined for purpose of vacationer interest.

Crowning celebration span

The Coronation Bridge,is otherwise called the Sevoke Bridge. Some different names of the scaffold, as named by local people are Baghpool (tiger span) and Lohapul (Iron extension). It is purported on the grounds that two tiger statues lay on the passageway of extension and lohapul as it is made of steel. The extension is a representation of extraordinary engineering and planning style of British. The greatest fascination of the scaffold is its curve like shape and the all encompassing perspective of nature it offers. The Coronation Bridge has been a perfect retreat for voyagers making a trip to Sikkim or Darjeeling. The extension interfaces the locale of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri. It offers a stunning perspective of rich greenery and cool blue water of stream Tista.