A loved locality with radical religion, Rishikesh means ‘Master of the Senses‘. An explorer city, which has as of late transformed into a center point of experience games, Rishikesh has its own particular enrapturing charm that never neglects to awe. Situated at a unimportant separation of 25 kilometers from the sacred city of Haridwar and 220 kilometers from New Delhi, Rishikesh is tucked into the southernmost foothills of the Shivalik hills.

The land with several exciting places to visit like Lakshman Jhoola, Triveni Ghat, Bharat Mandir, Trimbakeshwar Temple, Rajaji National Park, Jumpin Heights and many more places will satisfy every interest of the person.

Lakshman Jhoola:

Lakshman Jhoola is one of the exciting religious attractions in Rishikesh. It is a suspension span over the River Ganga. Enthusiasts trust that Lakshman, the sibling of Lord Rama, had once crossed the stream with the assistance of a jute-rope span on the same spot.

Triveni Ghat:

Triveni Ghat, a kilometer-long bathing ghat where a few aficionados come to take a sacred plunge is likewise a vital spot to see in Rishikesh. The Triveni Ghat is a juncture of three consecrated streams – Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. You should witness the night aarti at the ghat, when the merging transforms into a beautiful perspective of lights and diyas deliberately set in leaf water crafts gliding on the waterway.

Bharat Mandir:

Bharat Mandir is an old sanctuary established by Adiguru Shankaracharya in the twelfth century. One of the most established sanctuaries in Rishikesh, it is devoted to Lord Vishnu – the preeminent god according to Hindu mythology.

Jumpin Heights

The spot to be for enterprise aficionados, Jumpin Heights is situated at Mohan Chatti, around 15 kilometers far from Lakshman Jhoola in Rishikesh.

This to a great degree prevalent event congregation guarantees a thrilling time with exercises, for example, bungee hop, monster ravine swings and Asia’s longest flying fox ride, measuring 1 kilometer. The bounced are protected and are planned and managed by specialists from New Zealand.

Tryambakeshwar Temple

Tryambakeshwar Temple, a heavenly place of worship devoted to the three-looked at Lord Shiva, is a standout amongst the most acclaimed sanctuaries in Rishikesh. The sanctuary is situated in close region to Lakshman Jhoola and stands 13-stories high along the banks of River Ganga.