Himachal is the queen of hill stations and Manali is definitely its Tiara”

The station established at the end of kullu valley is the extraordinary place surrounded with beautiful mountains. With the height of 2000 m it is one of the most attraction get a ways. The extraordinary and most scenic roadways will leave you astound and moreover the beauty of old manali will completely relax your mind. The scenic hills decorated in the lush green attire and the mind amusing valleys will definitely make you visit the place again and again. The town has become the prominent tourist place and emerged as a business route to ladakh and even further beyond.

The blend of flora and fauna the beauty of hills and valleys the lush green environment and the exquitely designed hotels All in one place- Manali.”

Solang Valley

Solang Valley is calm and is best drawn nearer by street. The drive up to Solang is to a great degree pleasant. When you are there, experiment with some Chinese nourishment from the neighborhood roadside shacks, and appreciate the perspectives. The street ahead is hindered following a passage to Koksar (a town in front of Rohtag La) is presently being worked there.

Old Manali

Influencing eucalyptus, stunning streets, sweet little restaurants, little kitschy commercial centers, and bistros that serve your most loved mainland nourishment at inconceivably low costs, the quietness of Old Manali is just bothered by twittering winged animals and the sound of the spouting waters of the Kullu River.

Naggar Castle

An essential vacationer spot around Manali, Naggar Castle is an old royal residence going back to the fifteenth century. It gloats of great engineering furthermore houses an exhibition of sketches of the momentous Russian craftsman, Nicholas Reorich.

Hadimba Temple

The fifteenth century Hadimba Temple was worked to remember Hadimba Devi, from the Indian otherworldly epic Mahabharata. What’s similarly striking is the cedar timberland that encompasses the sanctuary, which adds to its natural advance.

Gauri Shankar Temple

Situated in the town of Dashal, this sanctuary is hundreds of years old. In the wake of investigating the sanctuary, appreciate walking around the lavish apple plantation, or get down to the waterway stream for a crisp plunge.