“The state built on scroll of history… passion of people and compassion of the art is the perfect way to picture Delhi.”

The city called “Dil wallon ka shehar” wins quite a number of hearts every year and attracts loads of tourist. The perfect blend of history museums, nature and urbanization is what makes this city a perfect tourist attraction. The exquisite places to eat make it even more attractive for the foodies.

Delhi is the city that entertains the person of every interest be it the history lover, nature lover, night owl or the person loving to see the development of India. Places to visit once you are at India’s capital, Delhi.

India Gate:

Established as the memorial symbol for the soldiers those were killed during the war of 1919 is the 42m high. India Gate an Arch-De-Triomphe in the middle of the gross road, the foundation of India Gate began during the rule of royal highness, the duke Cannaught and was designed by viceroy, Lord Irwin. If you are in Delhi you should visit the India Gate probably during night time when the lights blossom on it while lovely display of coloured fountains in hence is beauty.

Lotus Temple (Baha’i House of Worship)

The Baha’I House of Worship, all the more famously known as the Lotus Temple, attributable to its shape and outline, is one of Delhi’s most perceived structures. The Lotus sanctuary, built altogether out of white marble, is known for its current engineering, which emerges against the solid wilderness around it. The sanctuary comprises of twenty seven monstrous marble petals formed like an unfurling lotus bloom, which ascends from nine pools and walkways. The number nine implies the nine binding together ways of the Baha’i confidence. A little specialty under every petal contains expressions from the Baha’I sacred texts. The sanctuary does not contain any icons or pictures, as it is against the Bah’i confidence and guests are welcome to think inside the sanctuary quietly. The sanctuary is encompassed by perfectly kept up laws and the best time to visit the sanctuary is amid dusk.

Nehru Park

The Nehru Park is a vast park situated in the heart of the city spread over a zone of 80 sections of land. Built up in 1969 and named after India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the Nehru Park is a well known venue for some music appears, for example, the SPIC MACAY and the Bhakti Music Festival. The Nehru Park is delightfully kept up and is finished with excellent blooms, wellsprings and strolling ways.

Other than this the recreation center is additionally a prominent spot for Yoga classes and morning and night strolls. The recreation center is likewise a famous cookout spot, particularly amid winters.

The Nehru Park additionally houses an extensive statue of Vladimir Lenin, pioneer of the immense October Socialist Revolution and consistently on the 22nd of April individuals from the Communist Party of India visit the Nehru Park to commend the birth commemoration of Lenin.

Sacrosanct Heart Cathedral

One of the most established church bruildings in New Delhi, the Sacred Heart Cathedral is the base camp of the Catholic Archdiocese in Delhi. Development of the Sacred Heart Cathedral started in 1930 and the building was outlined by British designer Henry Medd. Roused by Italian design, the working of the house of God is finished with white columns holding up a covering and round turrets ascending from the rooftop. The inside of the house of God has a high domed roof and wide curves. There is additionally an expansive and noteworthy fresco of the Last Supper at the sacrificial table. The Sacred Heart Cathedral is open for religious administrations and capacities all consistently.

Lodi Gardens

Specked with landmarks and tombs from the Lodi and Sayyed times of history, the Lodi Gardens in one of Delhi’s famous vacation destinations. Meaningful of sixteenth century structural styles, the Lodi Gardens contain the tombs of Muhammad Shah and Sikandar Lodi. In spite of being a chronicled landmark, the Lodi Gardens has turned into an essential part of the lives of numerous Delhites the same number of picnickers, walkers and joggers visit the patio nurseries in the mornings and nighttimes. The Lodi Gardens additionally contain the National Bonsai Park, which is home to a wide assortment small scale tress. The best time to go to the Lodi Gardens is around nightfall when the daylight is smooth and the tombs are delightfully lit up.